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The development of urology in Olomouc was similar to global developments in surgery. Patients with urogenital disorders were originally treated in the Surgery Clinic in Olomouc.

Professor Vladimír Rapant

Professor Vladimír Rapant came to Olomouc in 1948 and became the Head of the Surgery Clinic. He had an understanding of urology and started to systematically develop this branch in Olomouc. Professor Rapant was one of the few Czechoslovak heads of surgery clinics to realize that a general surgeon could not cover the full extent of all the issues involved in the intensively developing field of surgery. He therefore decided to commission his most experienced assistants with the management and development of individual surgical areas.

He charged his assistant Jan Kučera with the task of building a modern workplace for the rapidly developing branch of urology. Kučera took on this task diligently. He acquired modern opinions through systematic studies and internships abroad which he then applied in Olomouc. Hence, he managed to build a state-of-the-art urology facility. Further development resulted in the establishment of the Urology Clinic in Olomouc on 1st February 1964.

An inpatient department with 41 beds was taken from the 1st Surgery Clinic and allocated to the Urology Clinic. The Clinic also had outpatient rooms and a radiodiagnostic unit. Surgeries were performed in the operating theatre of the 1st Surgery Clinic. The Clinic provided care to patients with urogenital disorders from the district of Olomouc as well as adjacent districts. Specialized care was also provided to patients from the North-Moravian Region. However, it was much sought after by patients from all over the country. The Clinic needed to gradually expand due to the growing number of patients, and the quality of care continually improved. By 1990 it had 95 beds, a modern, spacious outpatient department, a diagnostic department and auxiliary rooms. Surgeries were performed in central operating theatres.

After 1989, along with privatization and new market and economic relationships in health care, some care was gradually transferred to day-patient status and in 1995 the number of beds was reduced to 75. After moving to new premises in the Surgery Building, the Clinic now has beds for 42 adults and 16 children. At the time of the establishment of the Clinic, six doctors were employed: Head of the Clinic, professor Dr. Jan Kučera, his deputy, assistant professor, Dr. Scheinar, CSc., assistant professor Dr. Báňa, deputy for treatment and preventive care, Dr. Hruška and physicians Dr. Veselý, Dr. Reif and Dr. Utíkalová. The growing number of services provided by the Clinic required more staff. The number of physicians gradually grew until it reached the current five university lecturers and fourteen employees of the Olomouc University Hospital. Their professional as well as teaching proficiency also continually improved. In the Clinic there are now four associate professors, nine physicians with the 2nd degree medical licensing examination, five with the 1st degree medical licensing examination and two physicians without the licensing examination.

Important data:

  • Professor Kučera was appointed associate professor in 1960 and professor in 1963.
  • Professor Scheinar defended his dissertation in 1963 and his habilitation thesis in 1966. He was appointed associate professor in 1968 and professor in 1990.
  • Prof. Báňa defended his dissertation in 1977 and he was appointed associate professor in 1987.
  • Prof. Reif defended his dissertation in 1988 and he was appointed associate professor in 1990.
  • Prof. Záťura defended his habilitation thesis in 1994.
  • Prof. Utíkalová defended her dissertation in 1977 and she was habilitated in 1995.
  • Prof. Fiala defended his dissertation in 1996 and he was appointed associate professor in 2002.
  • Prof. Študent defended his dissertation in 1996 and was appointed associate professor in 2005.
  • Šmakal defended his dissertation in 2000.
  • Král defended his dissertation in 2008.
  • Grepl defended his dissertation in 2008.

Heads of the Urology Clinic:

  • 1964–1985; Prof. MUDr. Jan Kučera, DrSc.
  • 1985–1990; Assoc. Prof. MUDr. František Hruška, CSc.
  • 1990–1995; Prof. MUDr. Jiří Scheinar, CSc.
  • 1995–2006; Assoc. Prof. MUDr. František Záťura, Ph.D.
  • 2006–present; Assoc. Prof. MUDr. Vladimír Študent, Ph.D.

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